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Ways to Wellness

Ways to Wellness 


A guide to good mental health for you and your family, creating a Mental Health toolbox. 

 Saturday 23rd March 2019 at Jordanstown School from 2pm – 4pm


  • Free workshop available to all parents/carers. 

  • Children 4+ can attend Saturday Club while parents/carers attend workshop 

  • Each parent/carer will take home a wellbeing toolkit resource pack for their family including signposting to services, strategies to support your wellbeing and relaxation resources.  

 Schools and workplaces all are required to have a first aid box and a trained first aider to take care of someone who requires medical assistance. 

 But often our Mental Health is overlooked. 

 In this workshop we will look at Mental Health, discuss barriers to good Mental Health, look at strategies to support good Mental Health, look at supporting our children’s Mental Health, coping skills and building resilience. 

 To book a place please contact:  



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