Joanne and Dawn Complete The Challenge!

The Institute of Director's Chair, Joanne Stuart and Dawn Purvis MLA accepted our Challenge to complete a lap of Ormeau Park wearing simulation spectacles on 2nd April 2011.

Despite the weather being forcast for rain, we arrived in Ormeau Park to the sun shining! 

Joanne and Dawn with families and supporters first completed a lap of Ormeau Park.  Everyone then completed a second lap wearing simulation glasses and were guided around the park with the help of the children.  Kirsten Robson assisted Joanne and Dawn who between them wore glasses to simulate glaucoma and cataracts both of which Kirsten was born with.

This really brought home how many challenges our children overcome on a daily basis, and how tiring it is.  This being said everyone was in awe of how the children manage so well infact to the extent that their visual impairment becomes a "hidden" diability.

The event was a big success in raising awareness and we smashed our target of £1000 and to date have raised over £1800!

Thank you to all the families, Joanne and Dawn who together made this event a big hit for everyone!

If you would like to donate to this event please go to and search for Angel Eyes NI.

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