See Like Me

Friday 14th August 15

Venue: City East Business Centre, Newtownards Rd Belfast
Organisers:Angel Eyes NI

“Chloe went to the local summer art class with her friends at our youth centre; she has been so excited to see her school friends again. However when I picked her up she was very upset as she did not like her finished art project. She couldn’t see what the instructor had demonstrated and she did not know that there was much nicer beads and stickers on the other side of the table.  She came home so frustrated and weepy. The class instructor was lovely but did not know how to make the class easier for my little girl.” 

On Friday 14 August at 3.30pm at -the new Angel Eyes NI office - City East Business Centre,  68-72 Newtownards Rd, Belfast BT4 1GW, we are getting a group of parents together to share their tips and advice on supporting their visually impaired child with things like feeding, dressing, playing and getting around. We plan to put this into a guide for other parents and very much want your first hand experience. To book a place please email Frances Floyd on or ring 07735 059763 







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