Education Workshop for Parents Lunch 1pm Workshop 2-4.30pm

Saturday 10th October 15

Venue: Campbell College, Belmont Road, Belfast, BT4 22ND
Organisers:Angel Eyes NI

This event will start at 2pm but will be preceeded by an informal lunch from 1pm.  Parents are welcome to bring Classroom Assistants to this event.

The facilitator for the day will be Charlie Simpson.  Charlie is a teacher and SENCO in secondary Education and the Chair of the Angel Eyes NI Education Committee.

1-2pm Lunch

2-4.40pm Guest Speakers as follows

Stephen Porter - Support teacher for the Visually Impaired, manager of the Regional Vision Resource Base.

Kirsten Robson - 22 year old Kirsten will give a students' perspective.  Kirsten is a Guide Dog user who has attended mainstream school and went onto university.

Orla O'Sullivan - a parent's perspective - Orla is mum to three children one of whom has a visual impairment and attends mainstream grammar school.

Laura McArthur - Classroom Assistant supporting a blind P1 child in a mainstream setting.

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